Taiwan has made many achievements in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as environmental protection, medical care, social welfare, equality, education, open government, and so on.

However, these accomplishments aren’t widely acknowledged around the world. Therefore, we initiated this campaign, starting with a social experiment and a short film. We would like to tell everyone that Taiwan can really make contributions to making the world a better place.


We combined 10k Taiwanese faces to create an immortal spokes-girl for Taiwan’s accomplishment in Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). She is not only an opinion leader or internet celebrity but the representative of everyone in Taiwan. Because the progress on sustainable developments cannot be achieved by only one person.


We created the immortal spokes-girl with AI technology. Her name is Dai, Yi-Wan, which is the homophony of Taiwan. Her work experience is based on Taiwan ’s achievements on SDGs. We used her resume to apply for jobs on LinkedIn. Having as many connections as possible on this professional social media means being recognized as a talented candidate. We would like to prove that if NGOs need Dai, Yi-Wan, Taiwan can help make the world better.

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Shen, Sheng-Syun

A workaholic. An engineer who tries to learn to be an artist using the way he learned coding. It’s all mess now by the way.

Huang, Wei-Kai

Sidekick of heroes. The main function is solving the problem or finding out someone to solve it. Think Intense love is just awesome.

Liu, Yu-Ling

A woman who can’t buy white trousers because they usually turn red accidentally. A pet person who is good at imitating cats’ meow.

Chang, Hence

Barely a poet. Prefer possibilities to certainties. Prefer pursing to reaching dreams. Prefer untold things.